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Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Today we sent a factory built Zero away to Italy, a specialist European car transporter came to collect the Zero along with a new Maserati. The factory built British Racing Green 2L Zetec Zero was one of our top spec with all the Smiths Instruments, Jenvey Throttle Bodies and Emerald ecu , full weather gear and Gaz Shocks etc also this week we have been busy getting ready for the Auto Sports Show which will see the launch of the new Zero Race spec that will be competing this year across Europe.

The Zero has also been sold in France, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Siberia, South Africa, Australia, America and Ireland. All of the Zero range is available in both right and left hand drive.

For any enquires about the Zero and Export please contact us 01623 860 990, or take a look at our website www.greatbritishsportscars.co.uk for more information. For any parts and spares please visit www.kitspares.co.uk

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